Sunday, June 2, 2013

last weekend my brother and his wife mary (love her) spent some time
up north with us. they always bring rain with them -(what's that all about?) :  )
but we woke up Saturday to blue skies and for the rest of
the memorial weekend-although no one whipped out their shorts-
we were able to be outside working and playing.
we always seem to do more work than we think we're
going to---the boys love a good project.
here is a rare shot of some resting going on.
                                                     the smoker in the background was full to capacity
                                                            with a turkey and ribs that lars cooked for our
                                                                                                   supper. (umm... yumm)

                                    eric and cole were busy for hours on their projects- painting a wood
                                       stove that will heat our shop next winter and stripping the bark from
                                     pine logs to make a lofted bed.
now---once in a while i get to be the foreman of a project and here's what made
 this girl smile from ear to ear. we moved the garden from about a quarter mile away
from the cabin- to right up behind it! check out that fabulous new/old tractor and tiller.
i tease that that's what the fam bought me for mother's day.
the guys looked and looked and LOOKED for a tractor and we finally found one &
though she may be small-she is mighty and man have we put it to good use already.
next i got busy planting and on monday morning the boys took down
fencing from the previous garden and moved it up to the new one.
(man am i lucky to have two strapping sons).
it's all fenced in now and hopefully duke will not be able to jump in and mess
with my peace!
grow little seeds, grow!!!
all weekend the birds were just crazy busy eating at our feeders. can you count how
many red breasted grosbeaks are feeding here?  (kind of a where's waldo deal)
look closely-there are 6.
there's always going to be a healthy competition that involves shooting guns when these hunters get together.
this is my sister in law-the huntress. girlfriend can take down a deer with a bow and arrow-clean it herself and fry it up in a pan. i'm not kidding either. she is a hunter/funster.
 me on the other hand -not so much. i always beg off and use the excuse that
someone needs to be the photographer or we wouldn't have these kodak memories.
 well-i stepped up this time and decided that i would put in some earplugs,
stretch out my trigger finger and give it a try!
i didn't hit the target-but i have to admit that i THOUGHT i was going to- it was fun
to join in for a change. (do not even for one minute think that i will be freezing my butt off
in a cold dark deer stand come fall though) shooting at a target in the distance is as
far as i will go.)

here's what it looks like when you DO hit the target- way to go cole!

 just love these organic eggs that my brother's neighbor gives them.
they always bring some to the cabin when they come.
                                  there's always a few light blue ones that are just too pretty to eat.
                                                       * it was such a fun weekend- hope yours was too.
                                                                                xo, beth

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