Saturday, January 5, 2013

sat. night frustrations

hmmmm.... where to start on the catch up?
since i last posted i've done so many things, like a maternity shoot with one of my favorite young couples. baby stefonowicz is due in march and i'm going to ask his/her momma if i can share some of my favorites from our time together. they haven't even seen them yet though. : )  we also spent 6 glorious days up north and in that time went fishing on leech lake, snowshoed everyday, made pototo klub- (remember i am married to a norwegian fellow), stayed with my sister out of town, tried to learn how to use my new nook and began to put away all the Christmas decorations.
man my precious 2 weeks off work have flown by!
guess i'll show you how our day fishing went-


                                                                     or not

                                               uugh...for some reason i have been
                                        unable to get any photos to post since last night.

                                                                    :  (

                                                    blogging without photos?



                                                                    ox, b.

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