Friday, January 25, 2013

i saw this little ditty the other day that said:

i hate monday
and tuesday,
and wednesday-
and thursday...
and half of friday.

 although it made me laugh i just have to say that it's the second half of friday now personally i haven't hated all the other days this week.

*monday i was off work and had fun getting stuff done at home and goofing off.

*tuesday my hubbie texted me at work to ask me if i'd like to
go out on a date. it was so cold out- but we ate dinner at a fun little local dive we like called ray azteca's and it was close and the food was divine and i was happy. i was home and showered and ready to watch parenthood by 9 p.m. BONUS!

*wednesday i went to book club after work. always love an evening out with my girlfriends-

*thursday night we bought a wood stove for our cabin and i can just
picture the family cutting and stacking wood together and then the fires- ahhhh the fires that are to come. (remember that jar of matches i showed you last week? um hmmm they may be gone soon).
i can't wait to come in from the cold and back up to the warm fire and thaw out my bumm. : )

*now it's friday and i've been packing to head up north. i've had a good week and am looking forward to getting away. although it's always a bit of work packing to go up there, it also feels like a mini vacation every time and i can't wait! the guys are all excited to go ice fishing. i need to get up there and fill our many bird feeders. our little feathered friends are depending on me!!!

                just a few other thoughts...

while at the grocery store today look what i saw~

                          yes!!!! daffodils- be still my heart- (and right next to them?
                                                            purple iris).

this is a snipet of the stocking cap i am working on- i hope to
finish it over the weekend.
                    this picture doesn't really do justice to the gorgeous sunset
                    i saw on my way home from work this week, it was magical
                        but with that i'll say goodbye and see you next week!

                                                                 xo, beth

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  1. ummmm, i sorry did you say you watch parenthood? my fav!!!! I am so sad it is over for the year!!!


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