Monday, January 7, 2013

melt some butter and meet me at the table




have you ever eaten potato klub?
if you like potatoes, and you love dumplings and you agree
that any food tastes better with butter- than you would love it.
i use my mother in laws recipe.
after making these beauties once or twice a year for about 20 years,
i think it's almost as good as hers used to be!
you start by peeling potatoes. a lot of them.
then you have to grate them and add flour, baking powder and salt.
you stick a little chunk of ham inside each ball as you shape it and drop
them into boiling water. after boiling them for an hour you'll be
standing over the pot, with your plate, fork and melted butter
ready for the deliciousness to begin!
no one said these are part of a New Year's healthy eating plan.
but "who cares"?????
we eat them once a year, with lots of melted
butter poured over them. we loosen our belts, sit back and enjoy.
you only get to live once and these potato dumplings are like
eating your dessert before dinner.
it's monday. the last day of my
two week vacation, i must go now and
seize the day!!!!!!!!!!!
xo, beth

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