Sunday, January 20, 2013



 ~look at how big duke has gotten~
he has been such an incredible gift to eric.
in the past year while he has been recovering
from his car accident this dog has been like
therapy- getting eric out walking and giving
him something to think about other than
the mindless hours-waiting and rehabing and healing.
we love you duke, you're such a good dog!
have you loved dogs in your life? i'm not the
biggest animal lover- but i have to tell you,
i really dig this dog. he's SUCH a cuddly fella and
has no clue that he's a bit big to be a lap dog. he's
happiest when he's laying on -or across any one of us.
and lars? yep...he's nuts about him. after loosing his
12 year old best friend last summer he's been kind of lost.
duke has helped him heal too.
here's to all the good dogs of the world!
xo, beth

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