Tuesday, January 15, 2013

can you tell me how to get to sesame street?

when my children were little they watched sesame street. every day.
back then if your "littles" didn't go to pre-school they still learned
their colors, numbers, silly songs and even some spanish by watching it

maybe that's why i love these pez dispensers so much- it brings
me right back to those wonderful days when life was simple and the
background of my days was the theme song to
sesame street.
remember my bold declaration last friday to start cleaning and donating?
well girlfriend did not just declare.
i did it!
i cleaned and decluttered so many areas of my house that
a fly on the wall probably thought we were getting ready to list the house.
i found my pez collection in a drawer and thought long and hard about
giving them away. i just couldn't do it.
these babies are timeless collectibles don't you think?
worth hanging on to?
am i nuts?
: )

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