Saturday, January 12, 2013

you call this fun?


what we call fun in the middle of nowhere may not look like fun to you- but hey, we are simple people and we don't need much to entertain ourselves! give us some sharp darts and a few zesty mozerella sticks and we are happy campers.

on new years eve 2012 we:

 slept in,
 played darts, (which was a Christmas gift from me to the hubs...i can tell it's
 going to be a family favorite for a long time.)
 did a snow shoe tour d'france,
 drove to town for a burger, found our regular haunt closed....
 screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in unison,
 drove to the next nearest town...... 127 miles away- JUST KIDDING,
 shared some appetizers at a different bar & grill,
 spent some time looking at all his taxidermied animals decking the walls and halls.
 (the owner  was the trapping buddy of the guy we bought our place from).


i insisted on using the british set of darts
                                                    since i am part english

after we got home we had an organized dart tournament-and there was no messing around anymore. i had gotten my game on and was enjoying complete domination. none of the guys like to lose so i pritnear had to bribe them with cold cash to keep them playing against me.  : )  we ended the evening eating ice cream and playing liars dice and i don't think i've ever enjoyed my grandson more. he was hilarious in his attempts to keep a straight face and coerce the rest of us in his attempts to fool us with his dice!

                                                    do you remember steve urkle?

                                                 * did he have dimples like these???

well then, do you remember mrs. doubtfire?

 up north, we call this fun.
xo, beth

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