Thursday, January 24, 2013

see this?
this is a public service announcement.
these babies can be dangerous. very dangerous.
yesterday at work i was vacuuming and i had a scarf on and the rest
is almost history.
my jefe' (boss) bought  a new vacuum cleaner for
the studio and i was happy. don't know if she's ever
brought anything into work that i've been more excited about.
girlfriend loves clean floors!
so annie's been in atlanta and right before i left for the day
i decided to clean the back lobby so it'd look great
when she got back....and she'd know how much
i love this new appliance.
i was vacuuming away and leaned down to pick up the edge of
a ramp to vacuum under it and WHOOOOOOOSH
just like that my scarf was sucked up and so was my head, neck and almost my whole upper body before i got it shut off!
picture me cheek to cheek with a vacuum cleaner.
i know- it seems funny now and i actually bust out laughing
as soon as i was able to shut it off, pull my favorite scarf out 
(now kind of mangled)
and stand back up- but seriously!!!!
do these kinds of things only happen to me?  : )
i texted annie and said,
"welcome back to minnesota,
remind me to tell you how you almost found me
inside our new vacuum cleaner when you got to work".
hope your day doesn't suck at all !!!!!!!!
 p.s. there's a good story about me sucking up and almost destroying
a brand-spanking new pair of suit pants of my hubbies too,
do you think the universe is trying to tell me i shouldn't be
allowed to use these weapons of mass destruction?
xo beth


  1. Oh, Beth! I'm glad you are fine, but I really got a good laugh out of that! Creates quite a picture in my mind! Who knew a great new vacuum could be so dangerous?

  2. I know!!! Annie and I had a good laugh about it this morning and then later today she had a big background light fall over and she was trapped under it and had to call me to help her!- oh the dangers of working in a photography studio~ : ) fun to see you last night, thanks for the cashews! xo


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