Monday, January 14, 2013

this new life

                                               the dictionary defines sacred as:
 *connected to God.*

      i think the two most divine moments in life are birth and death. they are sacred~

                     today i want to talk about birth.
   i've had the privilege of being present for two births (other than the ones where i was the one doing all the hard work).  :  )  i have a real reverence for pregnancy and the ensuing birth.
i probably should have been a midwife-but there's this one little problem, i'm squeamish.
 oh yeah- and i also have no desire to work nights.
oh and then there's the part about me not liking to study
or go to school for 6 years...


                            i was asked by friends of mine to shoot some photographs
                             of a special time in their life. they are expecting their first

                                                                    a boy,

                                                                   oh boy!

         they graciously gave me permission to share a few favorites~                                                                      

i look at this round belly and i think to myself "w.o.w" there is a person in there. a new life
is by day. that little person already has everything that we have. their eye color, hair color and future height has been decided. whether this baby will be artistic or athletic is already determined. his personality has been chosen and whether he will be laid back or spirited (i'm going to guess spirited here ali and chris-hehe)- yep already pretty much set in stone. it's simply a miracle to walk around everyday-just doin what you're doin and also be creating a human being at the same time!

do you love this one as much as i do? playful and loving, it speaks to me

                                          i cannot wait for this little bebe'
                           to be born. this little person is going to make some
                                    of our very best friends grandparents,
                                                  for the first time.

                                                love to you two (3)!


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