Thursday, January 17, 2013

here's what's making me happy today... i had the day off work, i'm not ill (my hubbie is),  :  (
 i had time to do my errands and that gave him quiet time to rest. i bought groceries, made the last return from Christmas- man i dislike making returns but i digress...let's get back to the happy~

 a couple more drawers got cleaned- yep i'm still on the "it's january, it's time to declutter & donate" kick, i made a yummy pot of potato soup and had time to go online and order photos from the last few months.

another fun part of my day was stopping at one of my favorite shops and finding these totally kitchy things to bring to the cabin!

these 3 items cost me a grand total of $13 bucks.
(i know right?- a steal of a deal!)
so here's the
lowdown and some closeup details~
this pointer picture is actually kind of hilarious- it's made out of plastic and it's
3-D (like old topographical maps).  the frame is barn wood though. unique? i guess so!!!
this is a bank...
a. tacky?
b. funny?
d. a great conversation piece?
*this is a multiple choice question friends.   
but before you answer, think about this: do you know anyone else on the planet
that has one of these?
i think the answer has to be d. then don't you?
alrighty~ let's. talk. about. this.
stuck in a box in the back, in the corner, in the dark i found
2 jars full of old matches like these. no price on either one. i pretty much
knew it was a find, so i asked the owner how much they were. she had just
gotten them in so rattled off $5 ea. I said i'd take one and not 5 seconds later
another gal walked up and wanted to buy both. i asked her what she was
going to do with the one i hadn't spoken for....she said she was an antique dealer
with a booth at hunt and gather in minneapolis and that we'd both
lucked out-big time.  i just smiled, because i already knew that.
you just don't see free matches up for grabs all the time like you
used to. again- just another fun conversation piece for up north.
*elvis on a matchbook- are you kidding me???*
:  )
* you also never know when you may want one to light the
wood stove, a candle-or to inspire you to burst into song.
"come on baby light my fire"
we just bought another fire extinquisher for the lodge too so it's all good.
what made you happy today?

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  1. Joseph has a match book collection. He would be so jealous. No two of his are alike. What a find!!! Sure glad you didn't give up your jar. You find the coolest stuff!!!


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