Thursday, January 10, 2013

cold hands ~

this week i made a little hand warmer. its twin will get done soon.

                            it was simple really~ the idea began when i ran across a                        small embroidery hoop while cleaning out a drawer.  i already had the white felt.
  i first embroidered the words then cut a heart shape
    around it with a matching piece for the back. i sewed them together
   (with the seams on the outside even) and left a small opening so i could 
      fill it with rice. here's the great part. after filling and
      stitching up that little opening, when you have
  cold hands, you just put your little hearts in the
          microwave for 2 minutes and then pop them in your mittens.

next time i go out snowshoeing i'm going to try them.

if you have outdoorsy loved ones, wouldn't this
be a fun, simple idea for a valentine surprise?

it's raining and sposed to turn to careful
okay? if you are real lucky maybe you'll have a
SNOW DAY tomorrow!


xo, beth


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