Monday, January 28, 2013

"in the depth of winter, i finally learned that within me
                     there lay an invincible summer".
                                                                                                             albert camus

i am in love with the great outdoors today- i really am. there was no snowshoeing at the cabin this weekend because the snow was hard-packed and there wasn't a whole lot left. boo.      well----driving home the whole world changed and voila!!!! here in the twin cities this morning we again have a winter wonderland!

lets take a look at some photos that capture reasons to love winter:

                                                i never knew a snowman had legs!

                                      hand warmers- such a fun fashion statement

                                       now tell me this isn't breathtaking? i used to
                                                 ski....i was really bad at it. i'm glad
                                           i can say that i used to do it though!!  : )

                          make a pot of soup to warm you from the inside out~

there really are innumerable reasons to love winter if
you look for the positives!
we have more time to hunker down and rest -no
gardens and yards to take care of & if like me you
love to garden, we
can just page through garden magazines and seed
catalogs and dream of the coming spring and
having a clean slate to start over with.
for today though, let's agree to agree that the
frosted view outside our windows is
*wishing our dear friend marky mark schallock a happy birthday today- he's one of the true good guys in this world!
* and praying for a quick healing for my uncle who's having surgery today
*and i want to share this song- if you're ever missing a loved
one, it comforts me- lets me have a little cry and then feel better!
happy birthday mom- xo

xo, beth

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  1. thanks for the inspiration! I try to focus on the beauty of winter and not the depressing cold. lol


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