Tuesday, January 29, 2013

is it hot in here or is it just me?

i'd like to talk about hot flashes today. they've come and gone for me in the past 4 years, but something has changed. they seem to be here to stay! oh joy! i've been researching to see what us girls can do to help ourselves.
apparently poise has come up with a wet wipe you can use to swab off excess sweat when a hot flash leaves you glistening. nice.

(i just had a flash back -instead of a hot flash- to the days when i was nursing and i'd be out in public.suddenly my milk would come in and the front of my shirt would be soaked. for that they had a ridiculous product that was a big circular, clumsy pad you could shove in your bra. um hmmmm it was a good look. 

i picked up a couple bottles of an herbal spray that promised to cool me right down when spritzed on my neck- all it does though, is leave me with a moist neck. due to some issues -i can't use a lot of the potions and products that have given others relief...

anyhoo i guess this is just a part of being a girl- and we're all going to have to go through this "stage" before our fallopian tubes are old and dried up- but can i just say that if mine are ready to dry up now i'm o.k. with that?

do you have any tips for me? i told my boss that if i'm this hot in the winter, that this summer i might wear an apron to work. just an apron. you know the kind that ties around your neck? i'll just have to remember not to turn around.

if you're looking for me, look outside. i'm probably out sitting in a snowbank.

                                                 xo, beth

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