Friday, January 11, 2013

in the south,

the term "give me some sugar" means give me a in minnesota- it means "hey! pass me one of those cupcakes".

* have you noticed that cupcakes have been elevated to an art form?


do you think they taste any better than the plain old ones we all know how to make? to test this theory i plan to make some plain jane -old fashioned- straight up outta the box cupcakes this weekend.

then if you'll be a dove and run to some fancy bakery and pick me up something beautiful like these, we'll have tea and do a taste test.
                           you in?

                   happy friday-i'm heading down to the
            basement now and i'm not coming back up till i
         have at least one huge box full of junk to donate to
                       good will. i mean it too!

                           xo, beth

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