Monday, February 4, 2013

weekend fun

lucky me, i got to head north on friday afternoon and spend a couple of days with friends! here's some photos taken with my phone.

     maggie wanted to learn how to crochet. she's already
 a talented knitter but thought she'd add this to her repertoire. truth is- she didn't
really dig it- any and all gifts from her will continue to be made with knitting needles i
predict. : )

what could be more perfect than a new j.crew catalog to drool
over, new yarn and a stemmed glass full of sparkling villa italia pomegranite juice?

                            maggie loves owls and she had a favorite sideboard
                             in her kitchen all dolled up with her valentines decor. i
                                loved this little fella so much. her momma added
                               all the cuteness tied around his neck.

                                             we both love this movie and plotted
                                         for a couple weeks about how we would
                                           make time to watch it together. guess what?
                                        we both agreed it was just as good as we'd

                                    this little peanut is such a buster....she's sweet, smart and
                              spirited and girlfriend loves to sing. i brought her a harp that you
                            hold on your lap (that i scored at a thrift shop). she was ecstatic
                                  about it and although it needed one new string and a major tuning--
                                along with her microphone and pom-poms we did a lot
                                            of preforming together. we're considering
                                   trying out for "the voice". i will be her backup singer.

                            this is the hubbling's county church. we all went on sunday
                              morning and their youth did the service. it was
                      heartwarming and funny ( can you say awkward teenage boys?)
                        i sat there and thought about how much my own boys
                           deplored being up front at that age,singing and doing skits.
                              the kids here seem to be pretty o.k. with it all though,
                                    they have a great pastor who just gets
                                      in there- gets in the trenches with the youth
                               and i think in a very passionate way connects with
                                     them and brings them around. congratulations
                              on being nominated to your church council too maggie! 


                                      a trip to trader joes on the way is always a must!
                             i decided that i would get 2 bouquets- one for her house,
                                       and one for mine.  why not.   life is short-
                                                  buy yourself flowers people!!!! 

                                  i spent my morning today making cutout
                                cookies to bring to friend rose's. she had me over
                                for yummy homemade lasagna and i said i'd bring
                                dessert. her precious little h.j. ate about 27 of them
                                or should i say he licked the frosting off a bunch of
                               them and then for some reason had a hard time
                      settling down for his nap.   go figure.    : )
                         boys got life figured out already and he's not even 2!!!!
have a delicious start to your week friends~
xo, beth


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  1. oh what fun! i am glad you got to spend good time together! p.s. tell maggie i miss her blog :)


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