Sunday, February 10, 2013

the red cross


                                                                              this is my boy.

                                                              don't you just love his sweater?
                                            i do-  it's wool and it's warm and it's perfect on him i think.

 he's a do-er. he helps people. he was a firefighter for many years (till an injury). he has pulled people from crushed cars and consoled some as they lay dying.  there is a boy in his life that he is a father to in every possible way- other than dna. he's rescued his little sister so many times we can't count them- for instance he's gladly driven miles to load up her broken down car on a trailor when a wheel fell off on the freeway and he's helped rescue her and repair her broken heart when boys have messed with her peace. he's mentored his little brother too. by example he's shown them what it means to be selfless.

he has a degree in auto mechanics and has laid on the cold hard ground so many times to help family and friends with their cars. usually for nothing more than a thank you. just a few weeks ago his little brother took off for work and had a flat tire. it was 23 below zero. when little brother got home from work after borrowing my car that day- his was back in the driveway- fixed. now that's a good brother. : )

i hope this doesn't sound too braggy- and to tell you the truth my son will probably never even see this- he doesn't read blogs, or have a facebook page. not his style. i'm just thinking about him with love tonight.

right now he's out plowing snow- making the roads safer. he'll work all night while we're all snug in our beds and then probably continue to move snow all day tomorrow too. without ever complaining.

                                                                        proud of this guy?

                                                                             umm hmm.

                                                         love you buddy and that sweater?
                                                    the one with the red cross? you wear it well.



  1. this made me cry!!!! such a wonderful boy you have! :-) you and lars have done AMAZING! xoxo

  2. *we take none of the credit. he was just born very special~with a servants heart. xo

  3. Ahh, Eric is such a good guy and has amazing gifts to share just like his mama!


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