Thursday, February 21, 2013

while we were gone


                                                                 it snowed up north. quite a lot. as we got closer to
                                                                the lodge last fri. i began to wonder if i'd be walking
                                                                up the long driveway. my boots happened to be in
                                                                the box of the truck- frozen stiff. aaaghh   i had on
                                                                impractical shoes and could NOT have been more
                                                                thankful for the goodness in the world when we saw
                                                                that our kind neighbor had plowed our driveway!
                                                                it was night and dark when we arrived- not my idea
                                                               of a fun stroll. the next morning the sun broke out
                                                               and it was a be-U-tiful day.

                  pretty isn't it?

                                                       lars out filling our many bird feeders sat. a.m.

                                                               fortunately we all love snow~ we snow shoed both
                                                              days and i'm not going to lie- i was huffing and
                                                              puffing (and there were not 3 little pigs in this story).
                                                             this was a lot of snow to trudge through!

                                                                   now the big project of the weekend was in
                                                                   full swing- that's lars cutting a hole in a perfectly
                                                                   good roof to thread a stovepipe through. he told
                                                                   me it kind of killed him to do it- but it had to be
                                                                   done. thank God he got it done safely and having
                                                                   our first fire sat. night was such a thrill!

                                                                   note: o.s.h.a  would so not have approved of
                                                                   this set up- see the ladder?  it's balanced on the
                                                                   4-wheeler. i just do lamaze breathing and
                                                                   keep busy doing other things while these men of
                                                                   mine do all varieties of dangerous stuff.  i looked
                                                                   up the number for 911 tho and posted it in a
                                                                   prominent location. (just kidding- it was the
                                                                   # of the nearest hospital- 35 minutes away).

                                                                      a blurry camera phone shot is all i've got to
                                                                      show you- but you can see it right? this room
                                                                      just became our favorite with the addition of
                                                                      the stove. it's going to be great to hunker down
                                                                      and warm up by for years to come. i'm
                                                                      so glad i married a man who knows how to do
                                                                      so many things- my favorite right now is that he
                                                                      fixed my computer which crashed on friday-
                                                                      thanks honey! blog readers, i'm baaaacckkk!

                                                                    xo, beth



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  1. you did get a lot of snow!! we are supposed to get 8-10 more inches tonight!!


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