Saturday, February 23, 2013

kodak moments are meant to be shared...

i've found and saved some favorite camera images~here they are

                            moi'  (did i spell that right?)

                                                      photography is the only way to stop a moment in time~
                                                      i am a big fan of capturing moments.

                                                    i never thought i'd love digital but i do. my one big piece
                                                    of advice though is to still print pictures. don't just store
                                                    them on your computers. in years to come i want there
                                                    to be photographs and memories that my family can hold
                                                    in their hands. it's one of my favorite things to do- to look
                                                    back at old family photos- give your family that same gift.
                                                    you only have to print the best ones right? there shouldn't
                                                    have to be boxes of blurry, under exposed pictures, so do
                                                    it! every few months have the best of the best printed.

                                                                             xo, beth


  1. yes! i tool 2 years of photography in college and swore i would never go digital! but at last i did and i love it!

  2. I'm Photographer and I love so many of these images. I still shoot ocassionally with film, but anything for clients is digital :)


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