Tuesday, February 26, 2013

mixing it up today~

with a peek out my side door~
last saturday i was walking by the patio doors when i noticed two big black crows dive-
bombing at something in a tree...there-- so camouflaged that it was almost invisible to me
sat this beautiful boreal owl. i've heard from neighbors that it lives in their back yard, but
i'd yet to lay eyes on this magnificent creature.

i did a little research and am pretty sure i got it right. pretty sure it's a boreal? have you ever
seen one? i think it's beautiful!

i love all the varieties of birds in my backyard- and an occasional deer, rabbit, fox and even
coyote run through- but this is a first for me. we live in a big city here folks- but i guess so
does a lot of wildlife. whooo-da guessed it? is it mean to say that i wish this fella would
swoop down and dine on a couple of the little red squirrels
that won't leave my bird feeders alone? it's just a food chain reality right?

*just so you know: i took this with a telephoto lens, and still cropped it.

                                                          me here in the big city, beth


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