Friday, March 1, 2013

it's march!!!!!

a couple of weeks ago i mentioned that i was going to share some shots of food i'd prepared recently. what is it about a beautiful plate of food that makes me want to grab my camera? (in case i haven't made this perfectly clear- cooking's not my thing- not even a little, but that being said, if i feel like it i can do it- thank God for recipes with pictures to inspire me!)

 alrighty then. here's the first yummy dish. it's a shrimp pasta and i actually made it just for myself when i was home alone on a saturday. it's linguine, fresh mushrooms, garlic, while wine, olive oil, cherry tomatoes and fresh grated parmesan. i hate to be a bragger- but with a little crusty bread this was a meal worthy of company!

next up- these oh-so-hearty muffins. i saw the recipe in a magazine and couldn't wait to make some. they have a whole bunch of oatmeal in them and chopped up apples. even if they were a little dry, i fixed that in a hurry with some butter and jam. who says healthy can't be embellished?  : )

this next dish went to a friends 50th birthday party. it tasted as good as it looked. it's not a new concept friends, it's just a veggie pizza, but if you haven't made one for a while i'd suggest you give it a try.

i didn't use a recipe for this, i just used ready made pie crusts for the crust, whipped up a  filling with 16 oz. of low-fat cream cheese, mayo a little dill weed and garlic powder and then chopped up red onions, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and cilantro and threw it all liberally on top.

now i didn't make the pretty salad below, but it was served at the same birthday party by the fabulous chef cheri' and she never disappoints.

                                           we ate, drank and got our merry on~

                                                                          Be. radiant~ umm hmm

well, i'd like to give a big shout out of welcome to MARCH!!!!!! i'm hosting a couple girlfriends at my house for the weekend- (kicked the dudes out and am supposed to be cleaning--- so better get back to that).  have you flipped the calendar and looked closely? easter is in march so i've even been decorating for that and will be back in a couple to show you some of that fun.

                                       hope your weekend is warm and that find all kinds of
                                    ways to make yourself happy! go buy yourself a bouquet of
                                                        pink tulips maybe? what a great idea!!!

                                                                        xox, beth

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