Thursday, March 7, 2013

                                                                      it was one of those
                                 MARCH days
 when the sun shines hot
and the wind blows  COLD:
when it is summer in the
and winter in the shade.
                                                    charles dickens

last weekend i hosted a girls weekend at my house. we started
out the morning at the rusty truck sale. i've talked about it
before- but it's always fun to go and even more fun to share with you
some of the goodies there and what loot we brought home.

this is the home of the lucky people who have this barn sale...smoke comin out of the chimney, logs stacked  perfectly on the porch by their rockers- looks like heaven to me.

here's the beautifully restored barn full of resale treasures. if you're a junker like me
the 3 floors of merchandise makes your heart beat a little faster.  : )

here's a few shots of some of the fun stuff~


  so here's a picture of some of the fabulous purchases below

now on to some of the rest of the fun...

this darling little two story tree house/studio is in a yard in
st. bonifacious. i've always been intrigued by it and on saturday we
pulled over to just look at it and imagine the wonder of it!

because we veered off the beaten path we were lucky enough to discover
this little bistro that i never knew existed. of course it made sense to
try it for lunch.

i had the special- which was breakfast. love me some breakfast, any time of day~

we stopped at my work where there was a kids and bunny photo shoot going on-
these little fur balls were about the cutest things we've ever seen.

since we were in excelsior, of course we had to pop into a few of the best shops there.
so there it is....a peak at some of our fun. i cannot believe how much being silly and laughing with friends till your stomach hurts does a body good.
(i'm leaving out the details of me locking us out of my house and how people had to go to the bathroom really bad, and how we nearly had to sleep in maggie's van...none of that really mattered in the big scheme of things)- now it's almost the
weekend again!
be well, be loved and God bless,
xo, beth

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