Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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               they're here!                              it may not look or feel like spring in minnesota
                                                                  but the ranunculus are in season and it's the best
                                                                  harbinger of spring i can ever share with you. a
                                                                  vase of these on your table will help ease even
                                                                  the worst case of cabin fever.

                                                                  if you can find them where you live, treat yourself
                                                                  asap-----  it will fill your happy cup, not just to half
                                                                  full~ it will most likely overflow- so look out.   :   )

                                                                  *i am so eager to start gardening for the year!...i'm
                                                                   growing wheat grass in pots in the kitchen,
                                                                   standing in front of the racks and racks of seeds
                                                                   at fleet farm, imagining the sheer wonder that is
                                                                   contained in those millions of little seed packets,
                                                                   looking at gardening magazines that show us
                                                                   impossibly beautiful gardens (that for a split
                                                                   second we are silly enough to think we can
                                                                   duplicate). it's all good. this season of rest can
                                                                   be so necessary for the gardener-for months now
                                                                   the ground here has been covered with snow.
                                                                   there has been no flowers outside my door for
                                                                   me to walk out and snip. now it's almost time for
                                                                   the magic to begin again &  i. am. ready.

                                                                                                           xo, b


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