Friday, March 8, 2013

there's all kinds of ways to celebrate a life


                                                                       isn't this just so beautiful?

                                                                              it's a sweet little something to carry you
                                                                              through the weekend.

                                                                        i'm going out of town to be with family.
                                                                        half of it is for something fun and
                                                                        celebratory as one of my favorite people
                                                                        in the world turns 50.
                                                                        the other half is to sit by my sister's side
                                                                        at the funeral for her brother in law.

                                                                        a new baby, for a family we love
                                                                        will most likely be born this weekend too....

                                                                  in all these ways, we celebrate life.
                                                                  the beginnings,
                                                                  the middles
                                                                  and the endings. it makes me uber
                                                                  aware of what a gift each of our days here is.

                                                                                   xo, beth

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