Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter week

                                                        i almost forgot that i took pictures to show you when i was decorating for Easter (a few weeks ago) here- in what may turn out to be a loooong
post- they are.

 i layered some wood fiber packing material in a footed glass bowl, next i put a bunch of ceramic eggs in that i made over 20 years ago! i liked it but felt like it lacked color so i dug around and added some flowers that i dried to use for seed this Spring. a little bunny finished it off.
oh that and some soft pink, vintage velvet ribbon that my friend shared with me.
and here is the top of my piano. probably the favorite part of my decorating~

moss, a nest, dried zinnias & a camera~ how random, earthy and... funky  : D

now, at my house nothing says Spring like fresh flowers and green grass, so like i do every year, i started a pot of wheat grass for my table.
and now in closing, (if you're still with me here-LOVE YOU)
my front entry.
xo, beth
p.s. when you were little did you always get a new Easter dress and shoes? such a fun memory. i liked the candy more, but the new digs? a close second.


  1. looks great ... as always!!!

  2. Grandma made my dresses. I wish I still had them. Your home looks beautiful!


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