Monday, March 11, 2013

sitting in my almost quiet house this morning, gloriously alone- with the only sounds the soft music from my ipod playing carefully chosen music and a few little birds outside my window chirping at the feeder, i am filled with thoughts about life and all the beauty that moves my soul. i wish there were more hours in between laundry and errands and
well, just the truth of everyday life.

there will never be enough time i fear, to read all the imaginably beautiful words that authors have put on paper, it seems at times, just for me.
~ or to sink my face into enough armfuls of fragrant flowers and drink in their magic.... will there be enough time to slowly watch all my life's bonfires burn down to embers?
i long to sit in the sun by the water, edit some photographs and wait for the sunset.
i don't need to travel far to see and hear and smell the beauty of life.

i see it right here in front of me~ every single day.

the magic in the moments. i feel them.
i have thin skin and that can make life hard. when your skin is thin you feel things. deeply. the hurt and the pain, the love and the beauty. 

i long to capture life's fleeting moments before they are gone- i want to paint them, & photograph them, & write about them. i love the connection to other humans who "get this". the kind of people who are moved by snow piled up on a post or a tiny feather left behind. shards of broken glass tumbled smooth by the waves- i feel its story in my hand.

if you have thick skin, tell me-is life easier?

early in life i learned to swallow my pain, but tears come easily to me now. i see my physical skin changing as the years pass, becoming thinner and like that transparent skin, i feel the sands of time as they slide through my one precious life.

it's all just so damned beautiful.

"every day i discover more and more beautiful things. it's enough to drive one mad. i have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it".

                                                                               monet - via jeanette leblanc


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