Tuesday, April 30, 2013

mayday, mayday...

that's a cry for help right? like as in "this ship is going down". RESCUE ME!
well it's also an invitation to celebrate may 1st- to me the
official first day of spring. have you ever put a little
sumpum-sumpum on a friends porch, rang the doorbell and run
on may day?
( it's one of the coolest traditions i can think of!)
tomorrow is may 1st people- and we have officially turned the corner
... winter you are outta here- shazaaam, so long, farwell!
the weekend in stillwater was outstanding. i'm pretty sure half the population of minnesota was there along with my friend and i. not even kidding. it was beautiful outside and some people even had the courage to whip out their bare white legs- as if to say
" if all this glaring white skin hurts your eyes people, put your sunglasses on- these lily white legs will not be contained for one more day". loved their attitude!

i'd recommend the inn we stayed at in osceola wisconson- just a 20 minute drive from stillwater. anyone who serves me carmel rolls for breakfast (just as an appetizer) will be
commended and recommended.    : )    the inn was walking distance from mainstreet and right on the st. croix river- in fact our room had a little deck that faced the river and you'll see a photo (below) of some kayakers taken from it.

                                                              Stillwater mn.

                                                    - taken by the window in our room

the inn we stayed at was old. most likely haunted too- but whatever! it's our tradition to apply facial masks and wander around looking like zombies and we'll probably haunt the next people that stay in that room............what's a few zombies between friends though right?  (insert evil laugh)

                                                         * laughter lengthens your life*

                           all in all it was a very fun weekend. giggling yourself to sleep is the best! stillwater hasn't changed a whole lot in the 20 years since i'd been there and i was glad.
                                             a couple of other things:
                                             one: glennon melton, the author of
                                                                carry on warrior was a delightful speaker. if you
                                                       ever get the chance to hear her in person- do.not.miss.it.
                                                      in the meantime you can read her blog at momastery.com
                                            two:  today is my big sweetie's birthday- happy birthday honey!
                                                              love you to the moon and back! 
                                                  xo, beth

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