Friday, April 26, 2013

weekend plans


i just finished reading this book. it's a memoir written by glennon melton. glennon isn't a girl with a pretty story to tell. she was a train wreck for about 20 yrs. it was all pretty much self induced too. she had a great childhood and no real reason to go down such a dark path- she made really bad choices for a long time. and then she got pregnant. when she saw those two lines on the pregnancy test she turned her life around.

glennon says she thinks she was born just a little more broken than most. she feels things deeply and that makes life hard. she cares about other people and making the world a better place for the hurting souls out there.

she's going to be speaking at a church in Plymouth tonight and i am hoping to get a seat to hear her story. she's real, raw and funny. her blog if you are interested is called   (you say that like the word monastery.)

tomorrow a friend and i are going to meet in stillwater and storm the city for good stuff, yummy food and inspiration. i haven't been there in so many years i don't even remember the town-other than that it's fabulous and historic and built next to the water. (a winning combination-always). then we're staying at an inn in wisconsin to celebrate our birthdays! it's become a tradition to do that together and we talk half of the night and then usually write poetry about our day that is irreverent and makes us laugh our fannies off.  we wake up the next morning, after approximately 4 hours of sleep-with dark circles under our eyes and declare that it was the best weekend EVER!!!   :  )

sounds like it's going to be safe to wear ankle pants and sandals and not ever worry about getting frostbite and that alone is reason to thank the good Lord above!!!

                                          my oldest has been ok'd to go back to work 16 months after
                                                       he was rear ended and injured in 2011~ whoop whoop!!!

                                         feeling blessed and thankful for that and so many other reasons
                                                                                    this morning...
                                                                   have an awesome weekend my friends!

                                                                                  xo, beth

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