Thursday, April 11, 2013

please come for tea and a suet cake

                                       this little lady was surely caught off guard by the heavy blanket
                                       of snow that fell from the sky today. if i could have, i would
                                       have, invited her in for tea.

pretty sure if i'd have opened the patio door and sprinkled a trail of birdseed into the house
these hungry little critters would have hopped right on in and just kept eating while i took some pictures.

                                                                   i don't know what it is about little birds that i love
                                                                   so much, but love them i do! i'm going to  go get
                                                                   my bird book and see if i can figure out what kind
                                                                   of exotic bird landed in the tree outside my
                                                                   window this morning.

                                                                                           cheerio!   xo, beth

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