Sunday, April 7, 2013

shades of blue

i have a pine cupboard in my eating area that i've had for over 26 years. i think it's time to paint it and give it a whole new look, but can't seem to decided on the color. first i thought black...then a cream -sanded down of course.
now i'm toying with the idea of painting it a robins egg blue. please help me decide. : )
several years ago i eradicated my home of everything blue and seriously thought i would never decorate around that color again, but slowly, surely, it's found it's way back into my heart. let me make myself perfectly clear though---  the tone of it has completely changed from what we all called "country blue".
(that by the way i still have NO time for). here's a collection of the blues i like.

                                                                          "well hello"

                                                     so, the blues i am in love with have a lot of green or grey
                                                     in them. i think i would love the cupboard in a turquoisy
                                                     blue all spring and summer- but then what will i do come
                                                     fall and Christmas?

                                                     here's a shot of my cupboard and some of the paint chips
                                                     i'm considering.

would you dare paint a piece of furniture blue or would you stick to cream or black?
i only want to paint it once, so i don't want to mess up.
my second choice is a dirty, scuffed up cream.
did you have a good weekend? mine was great, a movie and late night
margarita and chips at a new hot spot with good friends, a trip to anthropologie with a
favorite mom and daughter duo -followed by thrifting on the way home...
then today i got some cleaning and organizing done and even
switched up my winter and summer clothes and purged my closet.
my spruce tips were finally thawed out enough today that i could pull them out of the
pots and throw them away- i have 10 pots of herbs on the table to repot tomorrow~
bring on SPRING!
xo, beth

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