Wednesday, April 24, 2013

positively love small towns

                                             last friday the hubs and I toured park rapids minnesota.
                                                  it's a cute little town up north. how great are these
                                          signs that hang up and down main street? speaking of main
                                          street, look at how the parking is arranged! i've never seen
                                        anything like it. you can park on either side of the street-or
                                  else-what the heck- just park in one of two rows right down the middle
                                      of the street if you feel like it. legend has it the reason for the extra
                                             wide main- is that years ago when this town was built they laid
                                          huge logs in the middle of the road to dry or they could   
                                                turn a whole team of horses around in the middle of 
                                                 the street. this is paul bunyan land people.              
                                                  logging territory. babe and a blue ox have been here.
if you've never been to park rapids you should make the trip. it's right by itasca state
park and that's the headwaters of the mighty mississippi.  you cannot live in
minnesota and not be able to say you have walked across the mississippi.
(i have always loved spelling that-either in my head or out loud).
                                  the good life café.  i will be eating here café next time i'm in town.
                                                         nothing like a good trading post right?
                                             speaking of logging- check out the yard we saw on the way.
                                                     whoever lives here must love cutting wood more than
                                                 watching american idol and the voice combined.
                                        this is art people- art.

                                                         this is a view of the road leading in to our lodge. it's
                                                        beauty takes my breath away. when we get close we
                                                            always all roll down our windows- no matter how cold
                                                      it is out. we hang our heads out and let our tongues wag
                                                                             and just breathe in the wonder.
                                          now, back at the ranch this was the view looking out the front
                                                             door last week. i know- we love it too.
                                      pretty much wore my wellies everytime i stepped outside due to
                                                       the fact that winter is practically here again, and the
                                                    snow from 2012-2013 is still hangin around.   
this photo below kind of looks like a watercolor painting, but it's not, it's one of our deer, coming up
to eat some corn.
it's a real live deer-standing in the snow.
now his great-great grandfather (below) is not alive. this old buck was a gift to me from
 my little brother. apparently he was shot in 1958 (same yr. i was born) near appleton
minnesota. a local dentist who was an avid hunter had him in his dental
office for many many years and now he proudly resides in our cabin. my brother
thought we needed some antique relics to cozy up the place so he graciously
shared one of his prized possessions with us. he's nice like that.  : )
this is a hunting lodge remember? there will be antlers and stuff of that sort
hanging on the walls.
there will be walleyes that came from lake of the woods-
and maybe a stuffed duck or two.
at least they are no longer in my family room in the city!!!
xoxo beth










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