Monday, April 1, 2013

noosa yogurt rocks~

                                                           i once won a hula hooping contest

                                                                              april fools~

                                              girlfriend can hula though- and it's such good exercise.
                                              have you seen these fabulous plates? i got them at
                                              anthropology. the dishes there just send me right into a happy
                                              coma. i start drooling..............  drinking anything out of one of
                                              the many styles of mugs they sell just elevates your beverage
                                              from ordinary to "fancy". (say that with a british accent)
                                              serving up some healthy food today after indulging in things
                                              like cheesy hash browns and carmel rolls yesterday.

                                                                             flip the calendars to april friends!
                                                                             some warmer weather is seeping
                                                                             into the forecast and i can smell spring,
                                                                             on the way to church we saw
                                                                             not one, but two crazy-anxious
                                                                             minnesotans digging into snowdrifts in
                                                                             their yards, breaking them up and
                                                                             spreading the snow out to melt it.
                                                                             if you have any extra time today, get out-
                                                                             side and spread out your snow!!!    haha

                                                                                                            xo, beth



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  1. bummer about the snow! we have 12 inches last week and now it is sunny!! hurry spring, hurry!


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