Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the idea house

yesterday i had the pleasure of touring the bachmans spring idea house with friends. have you ever gone to it? it was really fun and the perfect way to spend a couple of hours trying to forget that although it was called the "spring" idea house, it was only 30 degrees and ice raining outside.

the original bachmans who built the bachmans on lyndale ave. lived in and raised their 4
children in this house. it's charming and has a lot of the original character. a team of designers completely redecorates the house 3-4 times a year for the public to tour. there were of course, a lot of fresh flowers and plants all over and that was a favorite part for me. the photos i took were with my phone so I apologize for the small size- but that's the only camera i  remembered to bring. (goll darn it)

                                                       the colors they used on the main floor
                     were gray, a buttery yellow, cream and black-it was a beautiful combination.     

                                                              living and dining room


the bedrooms and office were done in soft robins egg blues, ivory and grays

                                                      this last (blurry) picture was of an adorable two-tiered
                                                       plate covered with dainty little fresh flowers.
                                                     they were arranged in silicone cupcake liners. (let's
                                                      go ahead and copy this idea)!

                                                       *do any of you other bloggers have tips for using your
                                                         I-phone photos and how to upload them without them
                                                         being blurry? they are in focus when I take them!

                                                                 i believe the idea house is open through the end
                                                                  of april if you're interested. you can get tickets on
                                                                 bachman's website. one other cool part is
                                                                   that everything in the house is for sale!

                                                  hope your day has some great moments in it,  beth

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