Thursday, April 11, 2013

sometimes it snows in april

                                                                              as usual i've been taking pictures.
                                                                                      it's almost comical how when you blog, your
                                                                             next post is always in the back of your mind.
                                                                               here's some of the beautiful bright colors I've
                                                                                      been surrounding myself with.



                                                  this was exactly one week ago...before the rain melted
                                                  the snow~and then we got more! it's april for crying out loud.


                                                               this asparagus graced our easter table-
                                     and the little yellow chick is hand carved- 4.99 at an occasional sale.

                                                         these are butterscotch nests i whipped up-yumm

                                                slowly but surely my collection of anthropologie dishes grows

                                                                      now let's throw in a bit of peach and orange
                               you can nab one of these pillows for your deck at home depot 


                                                                                            and pink!

                                                   thank you trader joes for selling beautiful bouquets for 3.99
                                                                          they make my heart happy~

                                                                         hope these images brighten your day.
                                                                               i've spent most of my morning
                                                                            hovering by my patio doors taking pictures
                                                                           of the birds at my feeder. it's one of the
                                                                          busiest days out there I've ever seen. i even
                                                                        spotted a bird that was so unusual i seriously
                                                                            think maybe it escaped from the zoo!
                                                                        wouldn't you know my camera wasn't quick
                                                                            enough to capture it?  i prayed it would 
                                                                 come back but it hasn't yet- so back to the window.

                                                                                              : )   xo beth

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