Tuesday, April 9, 2013

                                                  today i'm going to share three photographs with you.
                                                                 they are of beautiful, famous women.
                                                                          they are in black and white
                                                                           and i think they are amazing.

                                                         aren't they all just so fresh faced and amazing?
                                                      everyone knows who marilyn and jackie are of course-
                                                                      but can you identify the last one?

                                                                        she's still alive....
                                                                                 she modeled when she was young,
                                                                                            (now I know why)

                                                                          she has her own magazine...
                                                                                one daughter, many dogs,
                                                                                    chickens, a large staff and a show.
                                                                   pretty sure her house is clean and that there are
                                                                                  fresh biscuits on the granite counter.

                                                                                           it's martha girls- not even kidding.

                                                                   *tip for the day~
                                                                    don't forget to print some of your photos in
                                                                    black and white o.k.? i guess they are the only
                                                                    ones that will still be here in 75 years.

                                                                                              xo, beth

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  1. i knew who it was :) and can i say that i love that all these women are healthy looking lol!! seriously i want to cream at young girls to eat something :)


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