Monday, April 15, 2013


a year ago when the first of my daughters besties turned 30, we had a birthday party for her at a winery. it was a finery day at the winery and we all decided it needed to be a tradition for the moms and daughters to celebrate together, as each of our girls hit this fabulous milestone in their lives. yesterday it was anita's turn to be honored.

                                             here are the 4 musketeers at Barbette in Minneapolis~

                                                the birthday girl is on the left and for those of you who don't
                                                        know her- my girl is the one not standing on a stool.

                                                                          kidding here folks. i'm 5'4" and i'm taller than
                                                                          my daughter.  i don't think of us as
                                                                          short- i prefer to focus on how when we fall, 
                                                                          we have less far to go before we hit the
                                                                          ground. keepin it real- keepin it positive.  : )

                               it was such a fun afternoon. love you girls and i'm thankful for all            
                               the crazy fun and companionship you've brought to adria's life.

                                                                                           xo, beth

                       p.s. when rose turned 30 i counted out and wrapped up 30 rocks from my
                              landscaping. (i wrapped it real pretty- and gave her a real gift too).
                              i put a brightly colored card with it that said    30 ROCKS!     we all had a
                             good chuckle yesterday when she "re-gifted" it to anita. i'd forgotten
                             all about it and i don't think it's the last time we'll see it.


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