Monday, April 22, 2013

                                                             tonight i've got 3 of my favorite photos taken
                                                                          in the last week or so.

                                                this quaint mailbox was right on main street, park rapids.

                                                     :  )     oh yes i did bring my bunch of ranunculus up to the
                        lodge and then because they were still pretty- hauled them back home again.

                                                                          a steaming hot cup of java at barbette café

                        we just enjoyed a 5 day respite up north- snowed in pretty much- and it was
                              exactly what i needed. i was reading 3 books at the same time- (don't
                         know if i've ever done that before) and i had a stack of magazines that were
                           delicious too. i crocheted a bit and made a sign that i'll show you another
                                  day- to put out on one of trails in the woods. there was a constant fire
                                    in the woodstove and i bundled up and sat out in an adirondack chair
                             reading till i had some april sun showing on my face. the birds entertain
                              us at the feeders all day long and this time there was a family of deer too.
                                                                     life is good my friends- and spring will come-it
                                                                                 always does. so this snow tonight?
                                                                                                        bring it.



                                                                                             bonjoir,  beth


  1. Love the mailbox! I'll send you a private message about that ;-)

  2. Hi Cathy!!!! nice to hear from you- : )


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