Wednesday, April 3, 2013

bad perms and snakes

you probably know that along with all the things i talk about that i like--- there are also some things i don't like- right? two weeks ago i listed a whole bunch of likes and said i'd be back to keep it real and share some things i don't like.   
* here then is that list (one which to be absolutely truthful, got real long, real fast~I had to control myself and stop after a few minutes. )  : P

waiting in line

tough meat

messy floors

green beans, peas & brussel sprouts

bright purple

bad perms

sleepless nights

beer and black coffee

loud t.v.


doctors appointments

dentists appointments

paying full price- for anything

windy days


hot flashes  (although i haven't had any for about 6 weeks-PRAISE JESUS!!!!!)

shoes that hurt my feet (that's almost all of them)

cheap sheets


a lot of commotion

when people aren't on time

deer ticks, snakes, bats and spiders bigger than a fly

i went looking for a photo or two to liven up this post. here is one of the best bad perm
pictures i could find. it's a good one don't you think? it's not my family--i swear.

i knew i detested snakes but i didn't even know how much till i was looking at pictures of them close up! here is the only one i could even stand to post.

                            (it's a cool combination of a perm and snakes. fake snakes-that i can do)

now, i could keep going here and obviously i'm also not delving into the "real hateable" (if that's not a word, it should be) things in life- like cancer and world hunger, but once in
awhile i think it's refreshing to just go ahead and admit that i'm not always positive. sometimes things irritate me. they do.

what in life irratates you?  send me your top 5 things, let's share, compare and have a good laugh!


                                                            oh, and can i add one more thing? JUST KIDDING!

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  1. so funny! ok here are my tops 5: 1.) snoring. 2.) birds 3.) when someone leaves me a voicemail...i do not like checking it. 4.) lying 5.) when putting on my kids shoes if i have the left they ALWAYS ALWAYS give me the opposite foot i need lol ... same applies to coats and arms : )


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