Thursday, April 4, 2013 guys are making me feel like a real whiner here. so, i'm the only one
 who can quickly rattle off a long list of things i find irritating huh?


since i wrote the last blog post over 150 of you have read it, but noone else has any irritations in their life?  well-whatever meds you're on-  share some with me will ya!!!! : D
(dang i'm funny tonight).


                                                 let's get back to the sunny side of life then friends- that's 
                                                 more me anyhoo.  : )

                            THE SUN WAS SHINING SO BRIGHT
                    WHEN I LEFT WORK AT 5:15 TODAY THAT
                    I HAD TO WEAR MY SUNGLASSES! HIP- HIP

it's giving me a new lease on life i tell you- so much of our dirty snow has melted this week i wake up thinking about my gardens and i cannot wait to go to tonkadale nursury and see what they've got growing for the season. i want to go out foraging for pussy willows and i want to strip the house of anything that even vaguely whispers of winter and stick it in a box
and ship it to the north pole!  (with no return address.)

                             look at this darling little surprise i found in my neighborhood recently.

i screeched to a stop and backed up when this little mailbox caught my eye. it may look like a mailbox...but look closer. it's actually a miniature library! how flipping great is that? and.... here's the best part. they are popping up all over the USA! you can even google it and see where you might find one close to you. you are invited to take a book, leave a book- have a look. the book lover in me thinks this is genius.  if i happen to be reading in the wee hours of the night and finish my read- and have nothing else waiting for me i could put on my slippers & a headlamp and stumble down the street and help myself to a free book.
                                                        GOD i love this country that we live in!

now how about a look at one of my bathrooms?  about a year and a half ago i painted this room a creamy golden yellow. i thought i wanted a new shower curtain too- there was a white one in there at the time. i looked around at several stores and even brought a couple home and tried them but i never found one i liked better than the same old white one so i just left it up. i was at home goods a couple weeks ago and saw a plaid one that i thought might be just what that room needed and here it is, the before and the after.



                                                                   sea glass blue is the accent color

                             what do you think? it changed the look of this little room a lot i think.
                                           (i brought lars in and asked him if he noticed anything
                                            different. he couldn't find anything. don't you just love guys?
                                            *in his defense though, he doesn't really use this bathroom).

                                                                           do you have fun weekend plans? you may
                                                                           need an umbrella here in minnesota. how
                                                                           springy does that sound? i'm going to dust
                                                                           off my wellies right now!

                                                                             xo, beth


  1. love the crisp clean look! p.s. i just read your last post...i commented :)

  2. love you Christina!!!!! : )

  3. where is this little library? did i tell you I saw my first one last week? on the corner of K & A's new home!! so fun!!

  4. P.S. hiccups, humidity, hot heads, hairy legs on me and halitosis!!

  5. Love you Cindy!!!! p.s. the little free library is in Saddlebrook when you come in off Kerber on the West entrance- look for it on your right side.

  6. LOVE the new shower curtain!!!! DARLING! And seaglass green is like the BEST. COLOR. EVER! AMEN!


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