Sunday, April 29, 2012

feels like forever...

it feels like forever since we made an offer on this hunting land and it was accepted and we started dreaming about this amazing piece of land that was going to be ours.  now it's finally
the week of our closing and tues. if you're heading north on 24, you may see a small convoy of
pick up trucks (2) pulling trailers full of beds, misc. household items,whiskey, boots & guns.
(miranda lambert is most likely going to want to come visit us here-i'll let her-but ONLY if she brings her guitar and that hottie mc-hotster blake that she recently married).

this is what the end of our long purty driveway looks like on a misty day~

this is what the neighbors place looks like-right smack dab at the end of
our driveway. gee wiz i hope some cool chick lives there-someone who wants
to bring me over muffins and welcome me to the neighborhood-or section-or forest, or whatever you call it when you move to the middle of nowhere.
the guy we're buying the land from (who looks like billy jack-and i knew you'd want to know that, especially if you're older like muwaa and even know who he is),
told us that when giving directions he always told people, drive to the
end of nowhere and then go just a little bit further and you're there) : )
my hubbie has ALWAYS told me that he wanted to live somewhere where
he couldn't see the smoke from another mans chimney-well the dude is getting his wish my friend.

so this is our -not nearly as quaint as that cabin at the end of the driveway-but it's ours-place! one of the first things i'm going to do is plant some trees up closer to the pole barn. there are about three million and one trees on the property, but none right up by the building. what's THAT all about?

and here's my cute little sidewalk. find me there in a lawn chair with a cold glass of something ASAP.

now....don't get too excited-this is not our bear rug. not yet anyway- this is what the place looks like right now. no offense to the gal who's lived in here for the past 6 years- but i think it's going to take me about 10 minutes to have it looking better. if you've been reading my blog you've seen some of the coooool stuff i've wrangled up to bring here right? so it's finally time to "get er done" and bring it all there and start nesting.

here's the kitchen. i know, i know- it's a cooks dream! my hubs plans to do stuff to it though, "stuff"...hmmm
can't wait to see what he comes up with. he remodeled our kitchen a few years ago and did a great job.

here's the kitchen cupboards. but WAIT...remember my fabulous black kitchen cupboard? that's going to class the joint up don't you agree?

and here, in living color is the entrance to some of the bedrooms. hilarious right? there will be
doors on them sooner rather than later. anyone want some fabric "doors"? i'll be giving them away!!!

look at this little charmer. it's been a chicken coop. we don't plan on raising chickens. yet. so we are dreaming of what to use this little space for. some ideas have been: the bunk house. a sauna- with another bathroom. (nice) a cleaning room for fish and miscellaneous furry critters that we'll serve miranda and blake when they come stay. a garden shed.

oh the possibilities. don't you just LOVE a good possibility?

 well, the guys are starting to pack the first trailer-i had better go boss them around and keep them organized. it's the least i can do in that testosterone laden situation. : ) giddy up~

xo, b

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  1. AHHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!! I had better get to see it BEFORE Miranda and Blake... if not at the same time! :)
    When is Eric getting his puppy!? AND I want pictures of the little fur ball (the puppy, not Eric!) lol
    CONGRATS on the Cabin!
    love you guys,


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