Tuesday, April 3, 2012

bunnys, chicks and church

it hailed like a mad snare drummer last night~ all of our cars were in the driveway...i had some anxious moments wondering if they would all be peppered with dents this morning! (haven't gone out to check yet). i finally calmed down by remembering that there are a lot of things worse than hail damage!

it's Easter week and in my book, that means it's truly spring- whooooo doesn't love spring?

                   simple and beautiful

                 i'm completely charmed by these 3 high steppin chicks~

i have a couple of these bell jars. even my big sweetie likes them (and the dude couldn't care less about decor-so the fact that he told me that is big). they are so fun to do small displays under- if you can, get yourself one.

and these fluffy yellow ducklings might be the cutest thing i have ever seen. i wish i had
them right here, right now, waddling around in my kitchen, making me laugh.

when my sister and i were little girls, our grandparents from kentucky ftd'd us Easter corsages.
they looked like bunnies and were made from a carnation with pipe cleaner ears.
to this day, the smell of a carnation- spicy and oh so sweet- is one of my favorite smells.
do you think it all started when i was 2 and my adorable corsage was bigger than my
head and pinned there on my new Easter dress right below my nose?

what do you remember fondly from your first Easters? did it always mean going to
grandma's and all your cousins being there too? did you always get a new dress, shoes,
and little purse? did your parents hide eggs all over for you to find or was it all in one basket?
it was all of that, and church for us- i loved everything about it! still do.

xo, beth

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