Monday, April 23, 2012

they wed~

want a peak at the fun weekend i had? the wedding of some of our best friend's daughter happened on sat. it rained most of the day- supposed to be good luck right? pretty sure these two don't need a whole lot more luck. they are so perfect together that i told my girlfriend, "it's almost annoying".       : )

this girl from MN and this boy from ND went all the way to ecuador before they meet and slowly but surely fell in love at The Working Boys Center.

it was such a fun day for all of us- no matter how old i get-i still love a good wedding don't you? watching 2 people madly in love never gets old.

my favorite part of their evening might have been when the rather quiet, gentle groom took the mic and said "i've been waiting to say this for a long time, how hot is my WIFE" ???

the day before the wedding i got to snap a few pics...

the couple chose a very unique reception site in downtown mpls.

i helped make about 36 bokas for the tables using the brides favorite flowers~

okey dokey----it's their wedding day! above the bride and her baby sister~
below, the bride and her mamisita starting the hair and makeup fun.

and her dress goes on...............................
leaving for the church- the paparazzi was closing in~

                              her gorgeous bouquet

darling m.o.g.  (mother of the groom) and his baby sister who reportedly always got her way.....hehehe 

the bride and her sis's tatoos

what's a wedding day without a bit of heckling from your best buddies?

the service was especially poignant because aaron's dad is a pastor. he's on the right here- co-officiating.this catholic girl and lutheran boy were blessed by all!

 now it was time to p-a-r-t-y!

the newlyweds love to dance- they even salsa! i like salsa, but only on my chips thank you very much. : )

a highlight of the evening for all was keely's brother's band THE PISTOL WHIPPIN PARTY PENGUINS entertaining us with their amazing blue grass music....

keely and aaron are on their way right now to quito ecuador -where they met-  how freaking romantic is that?

* mr. and mrs. hendrickson~ we wish you all the happiness that the good Lord and life have to offer,

                                                     xo, beth


  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a beautiful day was had by all!

  2. oh my, NOW You make me cry!! It is all so surreal... such a lovely dream. I gotta get all those GOD moments written down... Thank you for sharing your amazing eye and photo skills once again Bethie! love you, Cin Sue


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