Wednesday, April 4, 2012

once upon an Easter

once upon a time, there were two little sisters, who had two little brothers~ and two healthy parents...and two GREAT BIG EASTER CORSAGES, and everything was right with their world!     : )

(i'm on the right)

i had the pleasure of taking photos at a wedding reception last week for an ADORABLE couple. i'm using every spare minute i can eek out to edit them and will show you a few favorites soon.

*weddings make me happy. seeing two people radiate with love for each other and starting
their life together is just good stuff*

omgoodness... now i just saw a trailer for the movie "the five year engagement" on t.v.  as they are planning the wedding, one of the mothers comments to the rest of the group, with a sour look on her face- "won't the guests leave with kind
of a catholic-y taste in their mouths"?  haha, funny stuff.
i love funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be seeing this movie~

now, my international coffee is calling to me and my hair, as usual, is not street worthy so since i have to go to work, you know the routine------aaaagggghhh   "where is my stylist? she's late"!!!
gotta run

xo, beth

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