Saturday, April 14, 2012

toes in the sand darling daughter and her boyfriend arrived back in the states today after a week in sunny jamaica. i'm excited to see them and see their pictures today. it's always good to know your ducklings are back nearby where they belong isn't it? : )

 and speaking of sunny skies and having sand in your toes, i had the pleasure of taking  photos at the reception for a kaa-ute couple who had a destination wedding in mexico a couple months ago. wanna see some of them?

these two little brothers were as cute as socks on a chicken! they were nice little fellas too- adorable and well behaved, what a perfect combination.

this fab looking lady below is their grandma-i know, hard to believe right? she and her son, the groom were dancing and laughing up a storm here-don't they look happy?

this was taken in mexico the day of the wedding.

this beautiful mom and daughter are as sweet as sweet can be. i'm not talking about nutrasweet or splenda either. it's the real dealio!

chase and kate-i wish you a thousand years of looking into each others eyes the way you did that night.

xo, beth

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  1. Beth,

    Just LOVE the pic of Kate and MJ-so excited you got a good one with her eyes open!!! You are the best! Mary A


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