Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a surprise for me?

last week i walked out on my front porch in the morning and there on the little table in the entry laid a package. i picked it up and saw it was from my dear friend leslie. this always means something great friends... my girlfriend loves padded mailing envelopes. she's the queeeeeeen of sending people surprises in them. if you get one- you are in for a treat. well there it was, and it had laid there all night where the mailman had placed it. i usually come in thru the garage so i didn't even know it was there till the next day! (so glad a squirrel didn't grab it and run).

i brought it in and made a cup of coffee and then cut it open and slid out the contents and
this wonderful book of nests is what was carefully ribbon wrapped inside!

this exquisite soft pink ribbon is vintage and oh so lovely~

there were also 2 cards enclosed. this gift wasn't for anything special. just a love gift. a surprise that made my day, no wait~ maybe my month. this friend of mine wrote words on the cards that made me weep. she and i go waaaaaay back. we have lived through some of each others best and worst life events. she knows my heart & i know hers.


i love birds. i love nests. i love beautiful ribbon (especially velvet).

the warm, happy feeling this surprise on my porch left with me?
it made me feel very loved. very special.
thanks dear friend~

xo, beth

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  1. I love that you call them "love gifts" that is so awesome, much like the special bond you two have!! The saying on the card is so "you"!! Have a sweet day girlfriend!! Mary A


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