Tuesday, April 17, 2012

here are some things that are making me happy tonight~

adele's song, set fire to the rain

this picture of the inside of a pole barn. might ours look like this? maybe... maybe not : )

this lime green duster. it's a '74. this is the car my boyfriend was driving on the day i became his wife. picture it with tin cans hanging off the back bumper. : )  : )   : )   lol

the wedding of these two lovebirds in just 4 days. keely is the daughter of some of the best friends God ever put on this earth. we're going to party like it's 1999! 

these boots. my birthday. nuff said.

i still get teased about being the pickest eater EVAR as a kid. rumor has it that the only way i would drink milk was with a BIG helping of nestles quick in it. yummm-ma-me. wish i had some right now-it sounds delicious!

my hostas which are growing several inches a day...even though it froze here last night-hang in there guys-it's going to be warm again soon~

there were school closings in northern mn. today-it snowed 7 inches in some places-can you stand it? i have declared a moratorium on socks remember. my toes may turn  blue tomorrow.
i'll just pretend it's blue nail polish. : ) 

and here's my last happy. it's a drug called flonase. i guess i have developed allergies and without a couple sprays of this i could not breath. at all. that does not make for a good nites sleep. thank you flonase. see you in the morning!

xo, beth


  1. Thank you Jesus for Adele and Flonase.

  2. love that photo of Keely & Aaron - how fun! love you, too darlin! thanks for sharing...


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