Thursday, April 5, 2012

it's all good...

                               happy Good Friday!

here at long last are the rest of the photos i snapped of the cupboard re-do..... just for you.
i know, i know- i made you wait. it was kind of on purpose (to build up suspense) and partly cause i've been a little busy. remember i've been retouching about 500 pictures of a wedding reception. : )

now-i'm warning you, i'd pour myself a cup of something delish and maybe use the bathroom. this is a long post.

i used the original hardware that was on the cupboard-but sprayed it with a paint-by kyrlon- that is especially made for metal, they were a brassy gold, now they're gun metal gray~ (don't you wish i had a cute little kid to show you pictures of instead of me?)

so here are some of the doors being steel wooled to cut the shine. see all the tiny little edges that needed to be sanded?
umm hmm, it took forever and a day to get in all those little crevices!

remember how the cupboard had mirrors on the back---and we decided to go the distance and take them out? well my boyfriend got new oak and after 3 attempts to buy a stain that would match he got it right and he made a new back for it. man it looks better- it took it from the eighties back to the future...haha-get it? did that make any sense? we wanted it to look older than the 80's. here it is before the new back went on~

a fancy new stapler was involved.

next we put the hardware back on and the doors

here's a close up of the details...-- every time lars or i walk by it in the garage, we can't help but say to each other
"man we love this cupboard now" !

*so here you go once again- the before-

and  drum roll please.................

here it is!!!!!
we're going to put the glass back in after we get it moved to the cabin.
it was worth every hour of work, now that it's done and ready to go.   : )

tonight after work i even decided to sand down & paint a chair or two to match, i'm on a roll.
 thanks for reading all this.
you, my followers, are the best!

xo, beth

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