Sunday, April 15, 2012

good reads!

                     i have to tell you about two AMAZING MOMS.

they both have blogs and they have each written books. their books came out within a week of each other this month and although i haven't gotten either one yet, my birthday and mothers day are just about here and either of these would make me very happy!

kelle hampton's book BLOOM is a celebration of her life since her second daughter was born with downs syndrome 2 years ago. she was livin the a rather perfect little life-when unexpectedly her little one was born with a 23rd chromosome. initially kelle thought her life was forever altered - IN A DEVASTATING WAY- only to discover that baby nella was going to be the very epitome of what she needed to rethink life and see the world through new eyes. if you want to see her blog, just google her name and it will pop up-oh boy will it pop up! her book hit the charts running as #11 on the best seller list. it's no wonder---she's got a gift for putting thoughts on paper like almost no one else . she is eternally upbeat and inspiring. there's a tab at the top that says "start here if you're new"  get a box of kleenex & click on that if you want to read one of the most incredible birth stories ever.

then there's nie nie. that's short for stephanie nielson and her blog is the nie nie dialog. nie was the young mother of 4 little ones, again living an almost perfect life, blogging away and throwing elaborate parties, gardening and raising her kids and she was beautiful inside and out.  her life was forever changed though when the small plane she was riding in crashed and she was burned over 80% of her body. she wasn't expected to live--in fact she wanted to die-but her faith and the faith of those who loved her-brought her back and she has just released a book,  HEAVEN IS HERE,  about her struggles and triumphs in the 3 (?) years since the accident.
* another amazing miracle is that last week, along with her book coming out, she gave birth to her 5th baby!!! can you even stand it? she may look different-but she says that she has been taught that you can survive anything and love yourself again!!! she too is uplifting, real, funny and just one of the coolest people i have ever had the honor to know---and when i say know- i mean read about.

 when someone blogs- they are opening up their lives to others-and when you have read someones weekly thoughts for a couple of years you feel like you kind of know them and they are definitely your friend in a way. if either of them were to call me up and say "let's meet at caribou this morning", i'd feel like we could just hang. just get together and talk-like old friends do.

congratulations kelle and nie- your stories will change lives.

let me know if you read these books will you? i think you're going to love them. i'm already hooked on both these amazing woman so i know i will!

xo beth

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  1. Bethie!! in between our brow waxings, my manicure, the movie, Mirror, Mirror (loved it) and the wedding shower in NoDak this weekend, I read Stephanie's amazing story in the Parade Sunday magazine (from a couple weeks ago)... wow!!


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