Friday, April 13, 2012

and they call this stuff junk?

last week my boss and i went prop shopping. we were on a mission to find a few new/old props for her photography studio. things that would look great in photos. do you have occasional shops where you live? if not, i'd highly recommend you consider a move to mpls mn -asap!!!  : )  these sales are popping up everywhere, in many of the darling little towns around here. there's never just one either. they make it all about "destination shopping".  mama likey!  they say one man's junk is another man's treasure and whoever said that was one smart fella. these shops are open only one weekend a month. that gives the owners another 27 days to go find a whole bunch of fabulousness, clean it all up, and arrange it in such a cute manner that chicks like me CAN NOT RESIST A FEW ITEMS! (they sell it all cheapo too-what a great perk)!
don't get me wrong-i love to buy new things. new things are clean, attractive and....well new----but, what they are often lacking in my opinion is c-h-a-r-a-c-t-e-r. they have no history, no patina, no reputation. girlfriend likes a bit of a tarnished reputation, (as long as it's not my own). hahahahaha

annie found a few darling things for her studio and i found some fabulouso junk for our cabin (we're still two weeks from the closing-in case you're wondering). here's my loot~

 i picture this picture (um hmmm) in either the bath or bedroom. the sweet little topiary tucked somewhere that needs a bit of green.

 i thought this tiny weathered wren house with the moss growing on the roof would be so cute up in a tree. we have about 100 million to choose from. : ) the antique pic of the hunting dogs is going to be part of a small grouping of them-as i find more, AND maybe the best find of the day was this canvas covered canteen that says   * boy scouts of america *  on it. (it made my heart flutter- the hubs was a proud boy scout in his day). wish we still had his old neck scarf-wouldn't that be a hoot?

 the comforter that is thrown over the table was a $27 SCORE that is all washed, folded and ready to find it's new home on my bed up there. i think the tin bucket will be filled with ice and beverages for our guests~

  here's another delightful painted chair to go around the table and join all the other little chairs of the world, "(they are yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight....)"

here it is in front of the kitchen cupboard along with one of my own chairs that i painted black to take too. now i'll leave you with a first little peek of our place-- there it is~~~  way at the end of a long gravel driveway. it's a metal pole barn remember? do you think i can make this little building feel like a  cozy home/cabin? well i'm going to try my darndest friends. maybe we could get that ty pennington dude and his crew to come in and do a quick makeover, then they'd drive us up there and move that big old camper that's in the picture (not ours) and he'd shout with his megaphone "WELCOME HOME LARSON FAMILY, WELCOME HOME!"

                    it's the weekend-and what could be sweeter?

                                                                  xo, beth


  1. Oooooo I LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!!!
    That dog print and the comforter and the tin container!!!!!! Just gets better and better!!!
    You are going to do a WONDERFUL job setting up a "home away from home" - I just know it!
    Love you!

  2. oh my, your vision is in my sight.... cannot wait to get aquainted with the lodge bethie :)n


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