Monday, April 2, 2012

old mother hubbard

girlfriend can live in my newly redone cupboard!!! cha-cha-cha check it out~ this was a fun project for me friends. i haven't refinished anything in a looooong time, and it gave me such a sense of satisfaction! i will admit that i was ready to be done with it though. i am a girl that likes instant gratification~ patience is not my strong suit. i guess i thought that i could have this baby re-done and ready to reveal in about 3 hours. NOT. : )

here it is. not a bad looking specimen right? (thanks to our dear friend mary who generously
donated this for our cabin!). i had a vision though. a plan to make it less
"formal dining room" and more "lodge like-antiquey-vintage, maybe there will be deer antlers in it" looking.

the first thing we decided was that the mirrored back had to GO, it had to go like me on a
long road trip after several beverages~

several steps along the way required the help of the larson men. here my strapping son
steps in to assist his mamasita

i got the bright idea to clean it all thoroughly before i really got started.
let's just say -wasted step
the diet coke sat nearby, ready for emergencies

when i strap on this apron i mean business. it tells a story folks. every step of the opening of
my store a few years ago is documented on the front of it, along with many other projects.

i naively thought i could just run buy black paint and slap it on and be done. well, guess what? the nice young man i consulted with at our local hardware store said: sand it all down, prime it, paint it, distress it, and then varnish it. sometimes i just have to do things my own way tho folks. there are about a million little curves and edges on this bad boy- the sanding alone made me crabby. i decided i'd skip the priming part-after all- i planned to distress all the edges after painting and the last thing i wanted was white edges showing through.

i'm sanding here-putting on my happy face.
the next picture is a teaser for the big reveal-which will show the other 497 steps it required to get to the finish line!!!!

this got so long, i feel like i need to let you get on with your lives and i'll be back this week to show you the rest, if you're still reading!

thanks for going through this labor and delivery with me friends~

p.s. other news of the weekend is that the hubs and i, our 2 boys and grandson road tripped
back up north so our youngest could see the land we're buying and then detoured across the state so our son and grandson could pick out the yellow lab puppy they are getting in a few weeks-
want to see the little guy?

3 weeks old, eyes barely open-he's just one bath away from being irresistable : )

xo, beth

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