Thursday, April 12, 2012

thursday thoughts

i've got lots of random thoughts running through my head this morning~ like:

i wish i wasn't out of eggo waffles-i'm craving them right now~

i know we need rain- we need it bad but the forecast is for rain the next several days. wish it would
just rain like cats and dogs for 1 day and then be sunny!~

i have absolutely GOT to get control of the piles of miscellaneous stuff sitting all over my house. what's this all about? well it started with getting things ready for our new "cabeeeeaan" and it has exploded out of control. someone call the JUNK squad STAT! ~

my nanking cherry tree is blooming and it is SPECTACULAR! wish you were here to see it~

i'm finally winning the war on nasty brown spiders in my any of you have them in the spring too? ~

it may be cold out-but baby i'm done with socks. : ) wearing flip flops today anyway~

there may be yard sales on my way to work so ta- ta, i'm off to scout~

hope your day rocks!


1 comment:

  1. brown spiders????? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :( eek!
    this just in: i haven't seen any signs for garage sales up here in the norsk yet... soon, hopefully!!??
    xx's and oo's,


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